Linda Kourkoulis

Shells, Clouds But everything went wrong for me and upside down, the nature of things was reborn for me. -George Seferis Seeking equilibrium is one of the laws that govern nature and readily lends itself as metaphor to human striving for balance. Lately I have been interested in the forms of marine life that are able to achieve homeostasis under the starkest of life sustaining conditions, having always been drawn to the sea for its therapeutic influence on the mind and body, its beauty, power and potential. The word thalassa, in the Greek language, not only signifies but also describes the sound the sea makes, like tracing the rhythm of the breath. In a similar sense, these imaginary abstract land and seascapes are visual structures that explore the iconic relationship between consciousness, memory, and lived experience; at once interconnected and charged with vivid, emotional associations, yet intangible and elusive. Gestural marks, pseudo close-ups and aerial views are used to convey the perception of places or spaces being created or in flux. The printing process affords an ideal way to express the continuum of time built up in layers. Many of the etching pieces are monoprint studies combining matrices, monotypes, and printing mediums whereas the silk-screen and lithograph prints present discrete images. "Garden of Eden II", monoprint: etching, aquatint & silkscreen, image: 16x84 in. paper: 28x90 in., 2021

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